The department of Dress Designing and Garment Manufacturing had an interactive session with Commodore Aspi Marker (Ex Naval officer) on the 26th of October, 2018 as per the circular from AICTE.

Cmdre. Marker explained about the working and importance of the army, navy and the air force in an interesting manner. The students keenly paid attention to his talk and did not hesitate in quenching their curiosity regarding the manner being spoken. The students were transfixed by the mostly discussed topic ‘Surgical Strikes’ and the role the army, navy, and air force played in it. The talk was also accompanied by a few videos which made it really enjoyable.

The session ended with the songs of the defence forces being played. A sense of respect and patriotism could be seen on the faces of the students as well as the faculty regarding the saviours of our country.

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