Max Design 2018

Congratulations! to Ms. Cyron Rodrigues, our final year student was chosen as a finalist amongst the top 15 contestants across India to showcase her creations during the ‘Max Design Awards 2018 ’. The theme this year was ”Craftivism” which focuses on sustainability and saving the environment. Cyron’s perspective was to give discarded clothes a new life by recycling them into a new fabric. She also used denim which was dyed using the traditional method of underground pit dyeing with vegetable dyes. She showcased her garments on 21st February, 2018 at Delhi. We are very proud of her.


Click on link .ête-à-tête-top-15?archive_id=60#utm_source=Instagram&utm_medium=brand&utm_campaign=wc-SpringCampaign&utm_term=InstaStory&utm_content=Blog-t%C3%AAte-%C3%A0-t%C3%AAte-top-15 for face book of Max Design Awards. YOUTUBE LINK

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